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Event Connect take the strain out of event transport

By Nadia Hutcheson

Everyone loves it when a plan comes together, but as most people in the events industry know, even the most thought out, detailed plans, can be subject to last minute changes and of course the odd curve ball!

As a long standing member of Glasgow Life and a new member of UKinbound we worked tirelessly with the organising teams to deliver a transport support package for their annual UKinbound Convention earlier this month. Working across multiple agencies and with a short lead time our biggest goal was to provide a seamless transport solution to the 200 plus delegates, ensuring that their first experience of Event Connect, as a national event transport provider, was first class.

As part of the Abellio Group, and one of the UK’s largest transport providers, we’re still establishing ourselves as a leading transport provider for events, tours, conventions and excursions. Whilst we’ve got years of experience in the industry and have one of the most commercially successful operations team within the UK, we still need to shout about our vehicle selection provision, the fact that we offer bespoke transport solutions across the UK, our wider transport management services and our 24/7 regional support.  So, what better way to do it than with some of the key players in the UK inbound tourism industry! Thousands of pounds of business is secured at the convention each year through supplier engagement, networking and strategic negotiations with UK inbound tourism largely recognised as one of the UK’s leading economic and employment drivers. That’s why we decided to showcase our service first hand.

With an experienced team of event managers from UKinbound and Event Connects diligent operations department at the helm what could possibly go wrong? Here comes the curve ball…An unexpected influx of last minute attendees less than 48 hours before the event, resulted in a requirement for not only an additional coach, but a request for supporting transport co-ordinators. With delegates due to descend on Glasgow in a matter of hours, we had to ensure we managed the changes quickly and efficiently especially given our membership and industry reputation was at stake. If ever there was a time to kick all contingency plans into action this was it.  Vehicle sourcing, vehicle branding, resource allocation, pricing negotiations, local council traffic management agreements and health and safety briefings ensured that all 240 delegates were safely and seamlessly transported to their venues.

We make it sound easy, as that’s our job. Mid event changes come with the territory, but wouldn’t it be nice if you were an event organiser and didn’t have to worry about who was going to handle them for you? The pride we have in our service provision, ability to adapt to meet last minute changes and still provide budget efficiencies is part of what sets us aside from our competitors. Whilst we can’t take away the stress of every curve ball you’ll be thrown, you can let us take the strain away from your event transport.

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