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Your Hybrid Conference - Facts and Solutions: AV Technology

Innovative ways our members and venues can support you in including a hybrid element to your next event.

We want to showcase the innovative ways our members and venues can support you in including a hybrid element to your next event, starting with audio-visual technology and members Turkey Red and Cameron.

How can technology support and enhance conferences?

There are many ways in which technology can transform and support conferences, technology spans all aspects of an event. Incorporating hybrid elements into your event is an affordable, practical and useful way to connect with most audiences.

Turkey Red Media have developed a “Zoom Pro” package which produces a polished viewing experience for the audience, allowing Turkey Red to rectify any issues such as lip syncing and adjusting colours behind the scenes. Branded backgrounds and multiple camera shots are also used to increase the production value of a standard online event.

With the meetings industry facing changes, Cameron recommend that live streaming is the best way to support your hybrid meeting. Live streaming technology has increased exponentially in the last 10 years and conferences are now able to offer features such as networking opportunities, exhibitions and breakout rooms virtually.

Live streaming an event not only widens the audience of the conference, but also ensures the content is accessible and can be utilised again in the future.

How can technology bring the destination to a wider audience?

Hybrid technology enables organisers to really inject the personality and character of the host city into materials, this can be done through theming, promotional films and pre-recorded interviews. Virtual tours of some of the city’s iconic landmarks and locations could also be included, with virtual break-out or networking sessions having a Scottish feel.

Cameron advise that through use of solutions such as virtual reality and augmented reality, audiences can get a real feel for a location. Virtual venue tours are also becoming popular.

Turkey Red Media have used assets to create a bank of promotional destination footage to enhance and compliment the live video throughout the conference. Videos can also be pre-recorded of Glasgow and streamed as part of the event.

Can experiences via technology engage with the audience beyond the venue?

Hybrid events can feature a number of experiences to ensure audiences can engage with the event, Turkey Red Media recommend solutions such as introducing polls, staging Q&A sessions, virtual break out rooms and online tasks.

Cameron advised that event design is more crucial than ever and this service is all about understanding the objectives and enhancing the experience.

Utilising technology to create your next hybrid event will ensure your conference is both accessible and innovative.

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