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People Make Glasgow Welcome

People Make Glasgow… Welcome campaign

The People Make Glasgow Welcome campaign for 2018 was a partnership between Glasgow Convention Bureau, Glasgow Welcomes and VisitScotland.

The purpose of the initiative was to engage and inform the tourism industry on the major conferences coming to the city, which brought delegates with a wide range of differing mobility and other requirements.

Training was provided by Glasgow Welcomes, working in partnership with the associations themselves, to inform and educate the industry on how best to welcome the delegates, by learning more about their needs to then best accommodate their requirements.

Factsheets were prepared in partnership with the associations themselves and then shared across the industry; hotels, restaurants, Glasgow Taxis, Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh Airport, travel providers, the SEC, venues and others.

Check out our People Make Glasgow Welcome guide for businesses - this will help give a better understanding of the requirements of people living with Down's Syndrome, Haemophilia and Motor Neurone Disease and gives practical advice on providing a warm, welcoming and appropriate service. 

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