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Stuart Cordner
Managing Director
+44 (0) 1301 702 356
[email protected]
The Boatyard
Loch Lomond
G83 7DG

Cruise Loch Lomond is the largest private passenger cruise operator in Scotland with a fleet of 8 vessels and combined capacity for up to 600 guests.  Loch Lomond less than 1 hour from Glasgow city centre  provides the idyllic setting to relax and entertain on the bonnie banks. The fleet operate from a number of locations around the Loch such as Cameron House Marina; Luss; Balmaha and Tarbet.

Exclusive charter of vessel(s) for memorable Loch Lomond experience with whisky tasting on board; catering or pre dinner drinks reception.   Live commentary as cruise sails around the island jewels in the Loch Lomond crown.  Full bar facilities; Loch Lomond Ales and Loch Lomond Malts.

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