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Dhabba - North Indian Diner

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Nav Basi
+44 (0) 141 553 1249
[email protected]
44 Candleriggs
Merchant City
G1 1LE

It’s a long journey from the roadside food stalls of Northern India to the centre of Glasgow but the fare is the same.

The Dhabba in Merchant City opened in December 2002 to provide authentic North Indian food. This is based on the dishes served from the small family-run diners, known as dhabbas, dotted throughout the region.

It recently changed its menu for the first time in five years to reinforce its reputation as one of Scotland’s top Indian restaurants. It is rare in offering an option of brown rice, particularly high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein.

Just up the road in Candleriggs, its sister restaurant Dakhin specialises in South Indian cuisine.  South India’s unique food is light yet nourishing, subtle yet spicy, and the combination of rice, coconut, lentils and local spices give its food a distinctive taste.

Dakhin believes it is the only Indian restaurant in the UK serving 100% gluten-free food.

Both restaurants are popular venues for group dining, offering special tasting menus for four or more, giving everyone in the group the opportunity to savour the astonishing variety on the venue.

“Every week we welcome more than 20 groups from a wide range of organisations or guests celebrating a special occasion. Our tasting menu is based firmly on the concept of sharing dishes. This helps promote conversation as well as the art of discovery!” Nav Basi, Owner.

Set tasting menus are available, with costs varying between £20 and £40 per head. 

Companies and office parties can also pre-select menus, depending on tastes and budgets. Chefs and management are on hand to advise the most suitable dishes, and will cheerfully give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen.

To make a reservation call 0141 553 1249 (Dhabba) or 0141 553 2585 (Dakhin), or visit or

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