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People's Palace

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Come and get to know Glasgow, from its beginnings, through the industrial revolution, to the present day.  Learn how the people of the city lived at home, work and leisure.  Share in the story of a strong, resolute and friendly people who have overcome adversity to build what has been recognised as a city rich in architecture, culture and art.  Glasgow is a warm and welcoming home of an industrious and creative people.

The People's Palace and Winter Gardens was built as a cultural centre for the people, originally housing reading and recreation rooms, a museum and a picture gallery.  It was designed to offer a healthy environment and comfortable, stimulating escape for people who were, at the time, living in overcrowded conditions.

The People's Palace and adjoining Winter Gardens was opened in 1898 by the Earl of Rosebery, "open to the people for ever and ever," he declared.  Since the 1940's it has been the social history museum of Glasgow.

Come and get to know our colourful city and its people by journeying through the experiential exhibits within the Palace.  Listen to authentic Glaswegian soundtracks of harried mothers and people going about the business of day-to-day life.  Test your shoe size in relation to Billy Connolly's banana boots.  Learn and be quizzed on local colloquialisms and generally enjoy the rich atmosphere of a very much alive and thriving city.

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