Person dressed in Unbaggaged branded blue hat and t-shirt on mobile phone standing in front of white van with Unbaggaged logo on it and a trolley of luggage.
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Janani Prabhakaran
Founder, Head of Glasgow
(+44) 07438 519 545
[email protected]

Are you travelling to Glasgow and unsure about where to store your bulky luggage?

Book with us today and travel hands-free, and hassle-free.

Unbaggaged is Scotland’s first mobile luggage storage solution that picks-up, stores, and drops-off your luggage anytime and anywhere you want in the city’s of Glasgow and Edinburgh. We are essentially Uber for your bags. Simply put in how many bags, where and when you want us to pick them up and let our storage transportation partners get to work. 

Why not allow us to pick up your bags at your accommodation, the station, the airport or wherever suits, store them for you, safely and securely leaving you bag free to enjoy the city. We provide real-time tracking for your order, secure, supervised storage for your luggage, and up to £1,000 in insurance. After a successful launch in Edinburgh storing over 1000+ bags in just the first year of operation, Unbaggaged is ready to offer its service to the people in Glasgow.

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